Karoo Arrival

Our kleine Poem for you

You’ve made it down the dusty road
A warm welcome to our curiously creative abode.
Kick off your shoes and take a rest
Enjoy the Karoo energy at its best!

Then take your time and set your pace
To explore our beautiful hybrid space.
It may not be perfect … it may not be to your taste
It is after all a century-old place
But reserve your judgement … do not complain in haste.
You see, for us, it’s about kindness, love and respect
A reimagined home that has a magical effect.

We invite you to explore, inside and out
If you need any help, just give us a shout!
We hope you find joy, be inspired to sing
Write a poem or design a spectacular thing.

We wish you a stay filled with curiosity and grace
A heart filled with love and new friendships in place.

Book one of our Spaces


De Kleine Prince Entire Property

[The victorian House, Barn & Poolhouse]

Sleeps 10

We invite you to stay in our reimagined Karoo village home, a home within a village within a global village.

From R16 500 - depending on season and length of stay.
From R1 650 per person for a full house - 10 people.

The Victorian House & bARN

[EST 1913 & 1926]

Sleeps 6

Immerse yourself in this timeless curated showroom space and interact with our unique narrative.

From R13 250 - depending on season and length of stay.
From R2 210 per person for a full house - 6 People.



The Pool House

[circa 1972]

Sleeps 4

Experience an indoor-outdoor lifestyle space designed with nature, alongside nature and for nature.

From R3 250 - depending on season and length of stay.
From R815 per person for a full house - 4 People.

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Our karoo sanctuary's Suggestions for you

Create a ripple of kindness

Kindness is the most powerful act that can change the world one human at a time. We are not perfect – be open to embracing imperfection, challenge assumptions, open yourself to compassion, and use words that lift and inspire. In our world, kindness is grace.

Housekeeping ceremonies

Housekeeping is a mindful task. We embrace the meditative practice of respecting our spaces, keeping them clean and finding joy in even the mundane tasks. We encourage you to spend time contemplating the world around you in our beautiful environment, living lightly in each moment while leaving things as you found them.

Shared humanity

We hope you will use this space to discover and share your gifts with the world. Pass on your knowledge by encouraging others to learn, expand and grow.

Rituals and story-telling

Our home is a collection of rituals weaved together with beautiful stories. Why not celebrate every meal as a feast, see your daily cleansing routine as a ceremony and enjoy the contemplative spaces with gratitude and quiet reverence.

Take your time

We hope you laugh out loud; find joy in every moment; be inspired to write, sing, draw and create boldly and courageously; make time to be quiet; spread some happiness; make new connections and beautiful memories.

Water is our most precious resource

Please help us protect and conserve water by using water sparingly. Treat every drop as a gift from Mother Nature.

Tread gently

Shoes are optional. Feel the earth beneath your feet by walking barefoot indoors or outside.

our Curated experiences for you

Karoo Concierge

We will arrange anything you need for your stay with us:

  • Fridge Stocking Service – We get the best local produce
  • Bar Stocking Service – Just tell us your drink of choice
  • Personal Shopper
  • Airport Transfers
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Short-term Gym Membership
  • Book your own Cook
  • Event Planning
  • Workshop Planning
  • Prince Albert Historical and Ghost Tours

Our experience in focus - De Kleine Prince Cape Fynbos Tea Ceremony

The majestic Cape mountain slopes are home to a mysterious, fine-leafed indigenous vegetation known as Fynbos. The fragrant rhythmic pattern of this rampant maze evokes a sense of connection with nature and inspires a call to something beyond.

Pincushion Proteas become dream-catchers as we enter a realm where we sense before we see. It’s in this re-awakened symbolism that the everyday act of drinking tea is elevated to the art of contemplation.

de kleine spa & float retreat

Rediscover harmony and bliss in our intimate De Kleine Spa lifestyle centre. We are proud to introduce the floating experience to the Karoo and De Kleine Prince. We believe that the healing energy of the mountains, the stillness of the Karoo and the vast openness surrounding us, is the perfect location to shift inward and enter a state of deep relaxation with our flotation tanks.