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Karoo Appreciation Society

The Great Karoo

Prince Albert

Prince Albert is about wide open spaces, tranquil silence and spending the night under a blanket of stars surrounded by the alluring Swartberg Mountain range. This working agritourism village is affectionately called the little oasis.

Prince Albert, situated in the arid region of the Great Karoo, is blessed with water from the Swartberg Mountains rippling down the leiwater system of furrows (declared a Provincial Heritage Site) through the town. The leiwater system and water channels, perfectly aligned with the town’s street grid, is a testament to Prince Albert’s agricultural origins. It’s a continuous water source for every homeowner, small-scale grower, and fruit and sheep farm.

The town, founded in 1762, is filled with inspiring examples of Cape Dutch, Victorian and Karoo architecture. It is also an artist paradise where visitors can enjoy numerous art galleries, museums and arts and crafts as they meander through town. For those happy to venture to the outskirts of town, visit the beautiful olive, fruit, wine and dairy farms scattered around the area. The more adventurous activities include hiking, mountain climbing and cycling down the gradient of the Swartberg Pass – and of course, the guided historical ghost walk.

Nightlife in Prince Albert is not only about dining. First on your agenda would have to be stargazing and it is said that Prince Albert is the choicest place to view the night sky, look up at the stars, the moon and the milky way.

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Being devoted foodies and hosts at De Kleine Prince, our team has designed restaurants and presented events all over the world. Our friends and guests have come to know us well for our unforgettable fine dining experiences, and this is reflected throughout our home with an extensive collection of crockery, cutlery, spices and tea blends on display.

Prince Albert offers a culinary haven to delight any palette. It’s a small village with a surprisingly sizable selection of appetising adventures to be discovered. We love the nostalgia, friendly banter and mouth-watering meals on offer while exploring the curious country roads and side alleys.

A fine selection of farms and food gardens lie nestled on the outskirts of the town, supplying local shops and restaurants with an assortment of dairy and meat products, figs, olives, citrus, nuts and other seasonal organic produce.

Come and taste ‘Prince Albert on a plate’ with our local bistros, cafés, coffee shops, diners, cooking schools and fine dining culinary spaces.

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"This is a lovingly curated conceptual home, layered with stories and heartfelt joy with a taste for optimism of what is possible on the African continent."

- Adrian


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